EFRS statement

“The Radiotherapy Pathway”

Radiographers in Radiotherapy: Practice across the Radiotherapy Pathway


This short statement is produced with the aim of promoting to European stakeholders, the possible areas of practice of a radiographer in radiotherapy if the EQF benchmark education requirements are met.It demonstrates the possible breadth of practice across radiotherapy services at the entry level, supported with evidence of clinical competence.

Das erste gemeinsame Paper von EFRS zusammen mit dem ESR wurde veröffentlicht und ist in beiden Radiography Journals frei zugänglich.


This “Radiotherapy Pathway” supports understanding of the role of the radiographer in radiotherapy and helps support workforce planning within radiotherapy.
If the recommendations made within the recently published “EFRS Statement on Education” are implemented effectively then all countries within Europe would be developing radiotherapy practitioners with the potential to develop and use their breadth of skills to support care safely across the entire radiotherapy.

Document developed by the EFRS Radiotherapy Expert Committee and approved by the EFRS General Assembly in November 2019
EFRS Radiotherapy Expert Committee:
Anastasia Sarchosoglou    Greece
Gianfranco Brusadin    Italy
Ainars Bajinskis    Latvia
Jo Duvivier    Netherlands
Eric Sundqvist    Norway
Charlotte Beardmore (Chair)    UK