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The Liver (1)

Location, Anatomy & Function
Carmen Lobitz
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The liver is involved in the body’s glucose, fat and protein metabolism. © yodiyim – Fotolia

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The liver function is essential for the human physiology. Without the liver we could not live.

Where is the liver located?

The human liver is a reddish-brown coloured organ (if it’s healthy). It lies in the upper right epigastrum directly underneath the diaphragm and is covered by the lower ribs. The liver is ensheathed with the capsula fibrosa. It is devided into four lobes.

There are two big lobes (lobus dexter and lobus sinister) and two small lobes (lobus quadratus and lobus caudatus). The liver portal (porta hepatis) where the major blood vessels enter the liver is in between. Within the liver there are a variety of hepatic plates. These functional units are made up of hepatocytes. The liver’s blood supply is via two different blood vessels: the liver artery and the portal vein. The liver artery provides the liver with high oxygen content blood.

 The portal vein is the…

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