Web-Seminare: Nuclear Medicine Radiation Protection

Das EFRS-Expertengremium für Nuklearmedizin kündigt in Zusammenarbeit mit der IAEA und der EANM seine Web-Seminar-Reihe 2021 mit dem Thema „Nuclear Medicine Radiation Protection“ an.

Nuclear Medicine Radiation Protection

Nuclear Medicine Radiation Protection | EFRS

Content and registration links will be available here from the 19th of January.

All web-seminars start at 20.00 hrs Central European Time.


  1. Radiation Risk communication for paediatric NM patients - 24/02/2021
  2. Radiation Protection in SIRT procedures 24/03/2021
  3. Equine Bone Scanning: Radiation protection measures 14/04/2021
  4. Gallium-68 PSMA: Practical Radiation Protection measures 28/04/2021          

Quelle: EFRS