2020 Webinar Series on Radiation Protection

Upcoming: Radiation Protection in Radiotherapy

In Episode 3 der Reihe geht es um „Image-Guided Radiotherapy“. Das Webinar findet statt am 17.09.2020 um 20:00 Uhr CET.

Series on Radiation Protection

2020 Webinar Series on Radiation Protection | Fotolia, ArtemSam, EFRS

Learning objectives:

  1. Identify and demonstrate an awareness of the appropriate dose optimisation techniques
  2. Outline the correct application of imaging method and technique in IGRT
  3. Assess and optimize the concomitant doses in IGRT


  • Eric Sundqvist, Assistant Professor/Coordinator Radiotherapy, Oslo Metropolitan University (NO)
  • Ainars Bajinskis, Associate Professor / Head of Radiography Studies, University of Latvia (LV)

The EFRS, in collaboration with the Radiation Protection of Patients Unit of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and EuroSafe Imaging, are pleased to announce the 2020 Webinar Series on Radiation Protection. The aim of the EFRS Radiation Protection Webinar Series is to act as an additional tool to improve the knowledge, skills, and competences of radiographers in this field. The Webinar Series will also serve as a continuing professional development (CPD) for radiographers.

When you have followed a webinar presentation from start to end, you will receive an automated email within 48 hours after, with a link to download your certificate. For listening to the recording no certificates are issued.

Anmeldung und weitere Informationen unter: https://www.efrs.eu/education

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