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What does endometriosis mean? Ancient Greek: endon = inside + metra = uterus + -osis = disease

As the origin of the word suggests, endometriosis is a disease of the uterus, and surrounding area. Endometriosis tissue resembles the endometrium and is able to grow and bleed along with the hormonal cycle. Even though endometriosis tissue is usually categorised as being benign, it can metastasize and cause permanent damage to the affected organs.

Endometriosis tissue can affect the ovaries, the intestines, and/or the peritoneum. Because the tissue builds up during the menstruation cycle like the endometrium itself but cannot flow out, cysts develop. Rarely, endometriosis tissue might occur outside the abdomen, for example in the lungs.

Endometriosis is a wide-spread female disease. It affects about 8 to 15% of all German women between puberty and the climacteric period (i.e.…

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